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Asterism is a text-based puzzle RPG, that's currently in development. You play as Caelum, a stalwart adventurer having doubts about being . . . a stalwart adventurer. After a brief encounter with the head of the Sanguis Cult, Caelum is tasked with destroying several enchanted objects the cult has hidden away. Caelum takes this task on not only for the thrill of adventure, but also so he can hopefully sort his life out.

As mentioned this project is still in development. Before I release the full game, I wanted to release a few demos and get some feedback. This demo is largely incomplete, and much of it is function over form. However, what is there is still playable. So please let me know what you think!

The current version of the demo contains the following:

  • intro sequence

  • one finished main quest line, the Archives

  • 5/7 towns that are semi-explorable (some more than others)

Currently working on:

  • rewriting intro sequence/general story overhaul
  • writing for the alchemy lab portion of the main quest
  • drawing backgrounds for said main quest
  • books on charms and potions

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, find and click on the application, and you're ready to go!


Asterism Demo v1 mac.zip (52 MB)
Asterism Demo v1 windows.zip (48 MB)

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