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For the past couple of months, Caelum has been planning his dream vacation. However, despite saving enough money and having everything planned out, he can't help that something . . . feels off. As he attempts to work through his personal doubts, he gets wrapped up with sudden changes at his job and the personal problems of a new friend.


Gameplay wise, Planisphere is a puzzle/adventure game with alternating story and puzzle sections. This demo only covers about the first hour or so of the game. Despite this, I still feel it's representative of the experience as a whole. The finished product  will have:

- Aprrox. 10-12 hours of gameplay

- Three different endings (only one of which is canon)

- Multiple puzzle variations to keep things fresh on multiple playthroughs

- Over a hundred hand drawn, digitally colored backgrounds

- A calming soundtrack to help you focus on your adventure

I intend to release the full game by the end of June or in early July.  In the meantime, I'll update this demo with new assests and bug fixes, so please let me know if you find anything! I'm also totally cool if you want to make a Let's Play of this demo or the final product! Just make sure to share a link!

Install instructions

Download the file, unzip, and click on the application icon. The application NEEDS to remain in the file folder for it to function properly.


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